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Resident parking

Resident parking

Going digital

The parking service were keen to digitise their permit transactions - whilst also reviewing options for procurement. We worked extensively with the service to understand their short, mid and long-term objectives for the service in order to produce the most appropriate strategic solutions. We started by producing a digital application in Mendix for resident parking permits, with a corresponding staff admin area to process the applications.

At this stage, it was still undecided whether the service would replace the internally developed solution with a third party system in the mid-term, so we wanted to spend the development resource wisely - ensuring that we didn't 'over develop' and waste budget. 

Key project details

  • 1,638 applications received

Back to front

Data first

As there are no available APIs for the existing procured parking service system (SIDEM), we were not able to provide a public-facing form which would integrate directly with the service database. Instead, we created a Mendix solution that was a 'database-first' design in order to provide a potential end-to-end service solution for all permit types. It was essential to look at the data structure and the CRM element of the transactions which would be common to all permit types, before looking at the customer-facing form. 


Design for change


The online application went live 7th April 2020 with 1,639 resident permit applications received to date. The service have reported that the Mendix application has significantly reduced their processing time to review, approve or reject applications. We are now working on the surcharges logic which will determine permit price based on household position. The business analysis work identified that there were 1,000s of possible surcharge scenario combinations - all of which needed to be understood, discussed and resolved before any development work could begin. 

Next steps

The next steps are to integrate resident parking permits with MyAccount and launch with the surcharges logic by September 2020.   

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