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MyAccount - single login

MyAccount - single login

Doing it once. 

For time poor residents, the benefit of having a single login for the council means only needing to remember one set of credentials. Once logged-in the customer is able to transact with multiple council services and provide important updates, such as change of contact information or address - once. For the organisation, having a single 'front door' to point customers to, means that information provided by residents is much more likely to be consistent.

It also provides a solution that is an acceptable public 'norm'. Customers are used to having organisation-level online accounts for services such as: banking, shopping, etc. It brings the council up-to-date with cultural norms and standards and provides residents with a feeling of security that their data is being well managed and within their control. 

Key project details

  • Over 22,000 registered users
  • One Council solution
  • Improved customer experience
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It's all about the tech

Choosing the right supplier. 

It took many months to source a supplier that could provide the right technical solution and customer support required for a council-wide solution. In the end Ubisecure was selected as the best fit supplier for the organisation with a solution that is currently in use by governments in Scandinavia. The challenge for the Digital and Data Team was to learn the Ubisecure system and incorporate this within the Mendix and Drupal architecture already in place within BHCC. 


Skilled professionals

Dedicated developers. 

The senior developers worked tirelessly to learn the Ubisecure system - which was used to securely hold the username and password details of a customer, as well as provide the SSO functionality between separate applications. There were significant technical challenges to integrate a new system with BHCC-built Mendix applications, as well as third party solutions such as Northgate Citizen Access. In order to create a consistent and coherent customer journey for residents, all systems needed to be styled consistently with a consistent journey and navigation that would tie them together. 

Going live

With over 22,000 MyAccount users, we know it works. 

The single MyAccount login has proven to be successful. The combination of the Mendix MyAccount identity module, combined with the Ubisecure solution has worked to enable residents to successfully register for an account and successfully log back in to their MyAccount. 

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