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PPE form

PPE form

A joined-up approach

We created a Drupal form which integrates the Citizen ID form and Contact Management to create a joined-up approach for triaging PPE requests. The form captures resident information for the carer and cared for, so they can request PPE based on individual need. 

Key project details

  • A rapid solution
  • Supporting unpaid carers across the City
Request PPE - Homepage
Request PPE - details
Request PPE - type of care

A calculated result

Putting effort where it counts

We only had a few days from service request to launch, to provide a solution which would enable residents to request PPE and staff to triage applications and deliver equipment. We discussed the requirements with the service to understand the overall objective and designed a solution which could be built quickly, but which would enable a small number of staff to process case volume easily. The form was designed to capture the caring requirements, rather than the PPE. The requestor was asked to provide details about the amount of daily direct care, as well as the number of carers per day. We built the calculation logic in the backend, to automatically present staff with the amount of PPE to deliver, based on the response provided by the resident. 


A modular design

Citizen ID, Drupal and Contact Management

By reusing the existing development architecture of Citizen ID (to capture identity information), Drupal forms (to create forms quickly) and Contact Management (to provide a staff admin environment), we were able to build an end-to-end solution within a few days. 

Colleagues in IT&D quickly developed a solution for us to set up and manage key areas of responses in relation to support for some of our most vulnerable residents who are at increased risk due to Covid.



Katy Razavi, Health and Adult Social Care