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MyAccount - integrated services

MyAccount - integrated services

Improving the customer experience. 

MyAccount is a single login that residents create in order to view and transact with all council services online. By registering their details once, residents are able to seamlessly access services without having to re-enter their information. Details such as: name, address, DOB and contact information are automatically passed between MyAccount and the service application. 

To date, we have integrated: Council Tax, CityClean and Visitor Parking. Resident Parking will be added by August 2020 and the Schools portal by September 2020. We will also be able to add all of the Drupal forms (which are replacing existing Achieve forms) by September 2020. 

Key project details

  • Over 22,000 registered MyAccount users
Myaccount parking
Myaccount bins
Myaccount breakdown

Sustainable architecture

How to create a seamless customer experience from siloed services. 

Creating a seamless customer experience out of a patchwork of technical products and applications was the main challenge. A well designed product should incorporate a consistent navigation structure, as well as the ability to integrate data between applications. The other main challenge was the need to create an architecture that would enable continuous development, improvement and ongoing service integration. We needed to create an architecture which would allow for service system downtime, as well as additional services to be added over time. 

Waste removal

Building a modular solution

We built a modular architecture that looks seamless. 

We created a singular central MyAccount module which incorporates the Citizen ID form to capture the identity information of a customer. This Mendix module uses Boomi to call the Customer Index and retrieve information held on the customer from other service systems. Mendix is integrated with Ubisecure to capture and store the login credentials which enables the separate service applications to 'talk' to each other. 


Each service application exists as its own entity and this allows for ongoing development and bug fixes within each service transaction area without impacting the whole of MyAccount. It also means that tiles can be 'turned off' within MyAccount if there is a service system outage. The tile will show as unavailable to the user for the period that a service application is in maintenance mode. This mode can be actioned by MyAccount admins with the click of a button to turn it on or off. 

Doing more with less

The more services we add into MyAccount, the better the experience for customers. 

We are continuing to develop and add more services into the MyAccount architecture. This will create a greater benefit for customers who will be able to perform more transactions with less effort. To date, we have over 22,000 MyAccount users. 

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