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Community Hub

Community Hub

An end-to-end solution designed to support vulnerable citizens across the City during COVID. 

The form allows citizens to request help if they need support with food, medicine collection, physical care support (like social care or walking a dog), support with mental health and wellbeing, and support with money and finances. 

The data submitted in the first part of the form (Citizen ID) captures details of the person's name, address, DOB and contact information and this is automatically checked against the Customer Index. Once the form is submitted, the data captured in the form is sent to the Contact Management solution. 

Key project details

  • 2 days to build the form
  • 100s of requests submitted
  • Multi-service response achieved
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Complex needs and a rapid response

An emergency pandemic required a rapid digital solution. 

The challenge was to provide a quick online solution to capture complex requirements from residents across the City. Given the vulnerabilities of many residents who would require assistance, it was imperative that we had an easy-to-use solution that residents could find quickly and easily on the BHCC website. 


A single solution

We created a single form to capture all the needs of a resident. 

By combining all of the needs into one form, it enabled residents to easily request help for: food, medicine delivery, financial assistance, physical care and mental health support. It was quicker for the resident and more efficient for staff to process each case. 

The case management system was developed to allow quick and easy management of referrals into the Community Hub, including giving limited access to some of our key partner organisations in the voluntary sector meaning we could easily make onward referrals for support with shopping, medicine collection and reducing social isolation. This is something we have been aiming to achieve for several years, it has really helped with sharing key information, reducing duplication of work and most importantly improving the customer journey by making sure they get the help they need as quickly as possible.



Katy Razavi, Health and Adult Social Care

A solution that delivered

We were able to reach and respond to residents within a couple of weeks of the COVID crisis. 

By pulling all the form data into the Mendix Contact Management solution, staff were able to quickly track and respond to the complex needs of residents - ensuring that the most appropriate staff member picked up each case. We were also able to provide third sector partners with redacted access to the Contact Management environment, enabling food to be delivered to residents efficiently whilst maintaining data protection principles. 

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